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The Ultimate guide to Dahab travelers

Let’s Explore The Best Things To Do In Dahab

What is Dahab -Egypt- like? Dahab city is a hippie Red Sea coastal town, & “as much as possible” environmentally friendly, is the kind of places not only you will fall in love with, but also get a feeling of belonging to.

Before you know it, you’ll get acquainted with the faces you see almost every day; those of shop owners, sellers, even residents or frequent visitors of Dahab, you’ll know by heart your go-to-places whenever you want to watch another beautiful sunset, or treat your senses with a teapot of delicious Bedouin tea or coffee, and when it’s time to escape the crowds & find some peace & quiet in the desert, or stargaze on the shores of the nearest beach, and when you should roll your sleeves and embark on another thrilling adventure.

Dahab Map

Getting there – How To Get To Dahab?

By Air – Can You Fly To Dahab?

Since there is no such a thing as a Dahab airport, if you insist on flying you will fly to the nearest airport located in Sharm El-Sheikh, the ride from Sharm El-Sheikh airport to Dahab takes about an hour (90 KM) that usually costs EGP 450-600 -always agree on the fare before hopping on, and note that most drivers are Bedouins wearing traditional galabeyas (so it’s not a scam).

You can also arrange with your hotel/campsite to pick you up from Sharm El-Sheikh airport, another way is to book a ticket on a Sharm El-Sheikh to Dahab bus -as shown below.

By Land – How To Get From Cairo To Dahab?

You must travel with a valid Egyptian I.D. or passport, and to provide a copy of your accommodation booking, or at least a confirmation on your mobile phone, as you will have to show them at checkpoints. Expect to get your bags searched at certain checkpoints, and be prepared to not know when exactly is your arrival time :(, which highly depends on whether the luggage will be searched or not? once or more? at how many checkpoints will the passengers be asked to provide their IDs & papers? have you chosen to travel on a public holiday, a long weekend or a high-season that is causing traffic near the main checkpoint Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel.

where you can check how trafficky the tunnel is? are there any chances there will be a morning fog during the trip that would require the driver to pull over until the fog is over? – there are so many factors to put into consideration, so try to avoid as many as you can.

Getting Around Dahab

On Foot :
It’s very easy to get around Dahab on foot, and I guarantee that you will never get lost, I suck at directions & did pretty well.
By Bicycle :
A quicker & enjoyable way to get around Dahab, without causing any harm to the environment. The average rental price per day is EGP 50, make sure it’s 24 hours, not 12. Price decreases, and could go to EGP 30-40 if you are planning on renting it for more than a week or two.
By Taxi :
Taxis in Dahab are pick-up cars, sitting in the truck is such a lovely, mostly scenic experience. Most taxis act as “service taxis” and pick up other passengers on the way without asking for permission.

Dahab In A Nutshell

To understand Dahab one must know that residential areas for visitors are divided into 4;

  • Dahab Laguna: has some of the best hotels in Dahab, & beaches too, it’s the most expensive area
  • The Laguna to Everyday Café Dahab known as El-Mashraba: a quiet area that’s pretty close to the Laguna, yet its beaches are shallow
  • Everyday Café till the Lighthouse Dahab known as El-Masbat: where the happening is, has good beaches, and a wide range of restaurants and cafés
  • El- Melil: a residential area between El-Masbat and El-Assalah souq
  • After the Lighthouse -El Assalah souq & residential area, at the end of El Assalah is El Zarnou’- to the Blue Hole Dahab & Ras Abu Galum is known as the Canyon: a personal favorite area, quiet, far from the center, not so bad beaches, mostly rocky, some are shallow, but this is where the locals hang-out

Before You Go

You need a copy of your ID or passport that you will leave at the blue hole registration “kind of office” -in case you forgot to bring one just ask about the printing house there- where one copy would cost you EGP 2.5, you’ll find a police officer on your way from the blue hole to the Ras Abu Galum trail, leave your copy, give the police officer your mobile number, and the name/address of where you are staying then you are good to go.

If it’s not too hot make sure to have at least a half liter of water to stay hydrated, there are some kiosks along the way, especially at Ras Abou Galoum protectorate selling water, and snacks, yet it’s better to have yours to avoid being overcharged.

The hike is not hectic, no major hills to climb, just a rocky scenic trail. Your first stop would be Ras Abu Galum where it’s less windy hence a good place to snorkel and swim.
Starting from Ras Abu Galoum to the Blue Lagoon you will find plenty of camps for a day use or overnight stays, another option is to get your tent and sleeping bag, or even sleep outdoors and enjoy a one million stars accommodation.

Both places have great scenery on a full moon night, and even better if the clear sky is only lit by millions of stars. The food is average, toilets are not so great, so for those who cannot rough it, a day use might be better for you.