Did you ever hear about Dahab city?

Many visitors had never heard of this location until they came here one day and left their hearts here. is located on the southern Sinai Peninsula, directly on the Red Sea, and sets itself apart from other Egyptian locations. It’s a secret vacation spot for people who want to escape reality for a while, and it’s well-known among Egyptians for its distinct charm, let me tell you a secret about this place.


Time moves slowly and quickly at the same time.

After a few days in Dahab, you lose track of time. Time is an afterthought in this context. People in Dahab simply live in the moment and blend in with the laid-back hippie vibe. This is especially refreshing if you’re coming from a big city where it often feels like you’re racing against the clock.

In Dahab, you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and focus on the small but beautiful things. A day can feel like a few hours at times or vice versa. Time is fiction in this world; it moves slowly and quickly at the same time.

Materialism has no value in Dahab. It doesn’t take much to be content. While you can enrich yourself with materialistic things in many Western countries, the breathtaking landscapes and inspiring atmosphere provide you with everything you need, which isn’t much.


Dahab is one of the safest destinations to visit

Although the western media portrays traveling to Sinai as dangerous, you will be surprised to find the exact opposite here. South Sinai, particularly Dahab, is one of the safest places to visit. I can only say that I’ve never felt as safe in a German city as I do here, even when walking through the darkest alleys at night.

A healthy human sense is unquestionably necessary, but the crime rate in Dahab is extremely low



Find a whole new world under the water

According to Lonely Planet, Dahab belongs to the world’s 10 best learn-to-dive destinations. There are many renowned diving sights that you should visit once including the Blue Hole, Ras Shetan, Abu Galom, three pools, Wadi El wshwash, Colored canyon, white canyon, mushroom stone, and Ain Hodra Oasis.

You will enjoy swimming on the beach stress.

Dahab is the perfect travel destination if you …

  • Look for a completely unwinding environment for your vacation.
  • I intend to travel alone and would like to meet friendly people.
  • If you can’t decide whether to visit a place with mountains, the sea, or the desert, Dahab has them all.
  • would like to learn to dive, kitesurf, or windsurf
  • intend to travel on a shoestring budget
  • would like to explore an amazing underwater world
  • would like to immerse themselves in the simple Bedouin way of life
  • would like to get away from your stressful daily life or forget about your sorrows
  • Nature vacations are preferred over party vacations.


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