Who We Are

here’s you will find your peace 

Penguin village was built before 30 years, the reason was creating A village to be the source of peace, comfort, and having fun.

we choose Dahab because we know that it’s the capital of beauty for Sinai, so in Penguin Hotel we provide you the best service at Dahab, to live the incredible moment and creating unforgettable memories.

we provide the best prices with high-quality service, penguin hotel is built in the heart of Dahab, you will find everything around you as we strive to make all your needs in one place penguin village.

why you must choose us?

only at penguin village, you will find:

-amazing view front of Red sea

-Comfortable rooms with a lot of services

-perfect dive center

-Cafe and restaurant

-room service 24/7

-high security 24 hours

To ensure your safety we take all precautionary measures, to making you in the safe side with you friend, family and having a lot of fun with peace of mind.

change your mood and making incredible moments at penguin village, you can book now in the best place in Dahab

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